Pear Dirty Martini romeo's gin cocktail

Pear Dirty Martini

romeo’s Pear Dirty Martini is a creative and well-balanced variant of the dirty martini, with pear, salametti and purple basil.

Landlord is a cocktail created by Fabien Maillard from bar Le Lab, inspired by Roxy Peroxyde's artwork at romeo's Museum

Nature humaine

Nature Humaine is a romeo’s gin cocktail created by Fabien Maillard and inspired by the art of Roxy Peroxyde at the romeo’s museum.

The Vesper is a classic martini cocktail, reinvented with Pur Vodka and romeo's gin, maple and lemon.


The Vesper martini is reinvented with romeo’s gin, Pur Vodka, maple syrup and lemon juice. A timeless classic with a Canadian touch!

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