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Posted by Mélanie Gagnon – It’s on Tuesday, April 6, 2018, that the event “Apéro à la Montréalaise” organized by romeo’s gin took place. It’s at Tiger Paris that we hosted friends, industry people and curious gin lovers. It appears that the bar is located on Princesse Street! We had no choice to plan an event worthy of fairy tale. 😉 And that’s what we did!
In a cozy atmosphere, our guests were invited to enjoy several delicious cocktails based on romeo’s gin created by the talented bartenders of the Tiger. Believe me, they are pros. It was with elegance and rhythm that they perfectly executed each recipe in front of the amused glances of the guests. A real show!


My favorite cocktail? The Stikki Mo’Z, inspired by the art work Mo’Z by our first artist Stikki Peaches: romeo’s gin + lemon juice + maple syrup + sparkling wine + Aqua Di Cedro … You are thinking “yummy”? I’m not done! It was decorated with an edible flower. I was in heaven; I could now die in peace!
The cocktails menu, a work of art in itself, was designed by our Art director Christina. The bar was embellished with our famous romeo’s buckets, handmade by MU, a Montreal organization, as well as lavender from Maison Lavande. We tend to bring our partners along 😉
An evening filled with beautiful encounters, laughs and wonderful discoveries. Paris, you charmed us. “On se fait la bise” and see you soon?