Summer in Peru

Inspired by PERU‘s Art
Created by Adam Karpowicz

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  • ½ oz of romeo’s gin
  • ½ oz of Aperol
  • ½ oz of Prosyro Strawberry Syrup
  • ¼ oz of Prosyro Elderflower Syrup
  • 1 oz of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 oz of Prosecco Villa Sandi
  • 2 drops of Ms. Better’s Bitters Cucumber
  • Garnishes: Dragonfruit, cucumber and mint

You will need

  • Wine glass or another glass on stem
  • Bar spoon 
  • Crushed ice
  • Jigger


  • Put all ingredients in the glass, except for the Prosecco. 
  • Add the crushed ice, and the Prosecco. 
  • Stir all ingredients with a bar spoon. 
  • Garnish with dragonfruit and cucumber slices and mint leaves.
Summer in Peru is a romeo's gin cocktail, created by Adam Karpowicz from Blueblood Steakhouse, inspired by Peru's artwork at Yorkville Murals.

Adam Karpowicz

“After seeing the mural for the first time, I wanted to emulate its fresh and vibrant colours. I wanted my cocktail to be equally fresh, to play off the floral qualities of Romeo’s Gin, and to be a refreshing, summer cocktail. To achieve this, I used elements of strawberry (for the red colour), aromatics and floral notes to work as one with the mural.”


Trained in both traditional and digital art, and taking from his 20+ years painting graffiti, Peru found his calling as a muralist. While working primarily with aerosol he prefers to distance himself from labels and limitations and continues exploring his imagination through different mediums like digital and installation art.

 As a proponent of the Graffuturism movement, much of Peru’s artistic energy today is dedicated to advancing the traditions of graffiti and mural art into new imaginative territory. The geometric complexity of his work, done mostly as freehanded freestyles, is made more readable by his simplified and saturated colour palette, similar to the one we were given as children when we had almost no responsibilities and life was much simpler.