Cocktail recipes

special occasion: Holidays

romeosgin x girly drink not his old fashioned

Not His Old Fashioned

Here is the interpretation of the girly drink by Evita Mitura from Vancouver. Not His Old Fashioned is a pink and fruity cocktail featuring romeo’s gin X and a hibiscus and pink peppercorn syrup, amongst other delicious ingredients.

romeosgin x girly drink black oleander

Black Oleander

Here is the interpretation of the girly drink by Sandy de Almeida from Toronto. Black Oleander is a fresh cocktail featuring romeo’s gin X, and Averna amaro amongst other delicious ingredients.

Rudolph cocktail romeo's gin pomegranate grapefruit ginger holidays


Rudolph is a refreshing and fruity romeo’s gin cocktail, perfect for the Holidays.

Tropical Christmas cocktail romeo's gin bottle

Keep palm and carry on

Keep Palm and Carry On is a fresh, fruity and tropical romeo’s gin cocktail made of fresh pineapple juice and clementine.

Midnight Negroni - a romeo's gin cocktail for the holidays with candied ginger

Midnight Negroni

The Midnight Negroni is a romeo’s gin Holidays twist on a classic negroni recipe!

romeo's purl is a romeo's gin cocktail made with cider and maple syrup.

romeo’s purl

romeo’s purl is a romeo’s gin cocktail made with cider and maple syrup.

The Merry Gin-mas Punch romeo's gin cocktail for christmas

The Merry Gin-mas Punch

The Merry Gin-mas Punch is a romeo’s gin cocktail for the Holidays, with notes of orange, pomegranate, ginger and lime!

Sotto Lichio is a cocktail version of a “granita”. It is created by Lea Messier our brand ambassador for romeo's gin and Pur Vodka.

Sotto Lichio

Sotto Lichio is a light and refreshing desert cocktail, inspired by the granita. It is made of romeo’s gin, sorbet and mint.