Cocktail recipes

special occasion: Brunch

Belle Poire

Discover a mineral and dry cocktail with pear liqueur, super easy to make and simply delectable!

Garde la pêche

A peach gin tonic, made with romeo’s gin and Peach Schnapps, for a lightly more fruity and sweeter version of the classic gin tonic.

Presqu’à Cuba

The cocktail Presqu’à Cuba, in collaboration with Cheaper Vacations, will make you want to fly to Cuba with its tropical aromas inspired from a mojito.

Mango Canal

Mango Canal is a refreshing cocktail made with romeo’s gin.

romeo's gin A Rose By Any Other Name Cocktail

A rose by any other name

A Rose By Any Other Name is a cocktail with romeo’s gin and rose water created by Julie Durelle from Two Nine Three Whiskey and Cocktail Bar in Shediac.

Roméo, le nez dans les bulles

A festive cocktail for the 100th anniversary of the SAQ. Festive equals bubbly drink, but there’s also Peach Schnapps, raspberries and a delicious homemade syrup!

romeosgin x girly drink watermelon sugar


Here is the interpretation of the girly drink by Katie Ingram from Vancouver. Watermelon Sugar is a fresh cocktail featuring romeo’s gin X and grapefruit juice amongst other delicious ingredients.

romeosgin x girly drink trouble floral

Trouble Floral

Here is the interpretation of the girly drink by Laurence Deshaies from Quebec city. Trouble Floral is a strong and floral cocktail featuring romeo’s gin X, calendula syrup and spicy melon water, amongst other delicious ingredients.

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