Cocktail recipes

Sensation: Sparkling refreshing

romeo's gin Emerald Fizz Cocktail

Emerald Fizz

Emerald Fizz is an elevated gin & tonic with romeo’s gin created by Keegan McGregor from Highwayman in Halifax.

Roméo, le nez dans les bulles

A festive cocktail for the 100th anniversary of the SAQ. Festive equals bubbly drink, but there’s also Peach Schnapps, raspberries and a delicious homemade syrup!

romeosgin x girly drink this is not a test

This Is Not A Test!

Here is the interpretation of the girly drink by Shannon-Blue Nanibush, from Ottawa. This Is Not A Test! is a tangy cocktail featuring romeo’s gin X, Aperol and black peppercorn syrup amongst other delicious ingredients.

Peppery-Pep is an easy cocktail featuring the juniper, one of romeo's gin botanicals


A spin on a traditional Old Fashioned cocktail, with gin, for you to appreciate the aromas of juniper.

romeo's gin dandurand cocktail BELEAF IT OR NOT

Beleaf it or not

Beleaf it or not is a romeo’s gin cocktail created by Hannah Boyd from Dandurand Ontario sale team.