romeo’s gin : 2 oz (60ml)
Tonic Fever Tree Elderflower : 4 oz (120ml)*
Lavender** : 1 branch
Dill : 1 branch

* Available in Quebec at Favuzzi
** Fresh or dried, optional


  • Old fashioned or highball glass
  • Bar spoon
  • Ice


  • Fill the glass with ice
  • Add the gin and the tonic
  • Mix gently with a long spoon
  • Garnish with dill and lavender


With every edition of romeo’s gin, we get inspired by the artist, their personality and their art to create a cocktail. For this first edition, the cocktail creation was also an opportunity to present romeo’s unusual flavour profile to the public.

Stikki Peaches‘ artwork represents a tattoed and colorful Mozart with an urban, non-conformist vibe. Stikki took the ultimate classic icon in the music and reimagined it. We took the ultimate classic cocktail, the gin&tonic, and reimagined it. Balancing the freshness of romeos’s gin with Fever Tree Elderflower tonic, we add bright and surprising notes of dill, and a delicate touch of lavender.

Photos : Caroline Dostie
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