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romeo’s gin’s 8 signature cocktails

To represent our history and the inspiration behind our gin, as well as its 6 botanicals, here are our signature romeo's gin cocktails. Each one as symbolic as the next, but always freshly creative (and delicious!).

romeo's gin & tonic
- perfect serve

The absolute perfect way to enjoy romeo’s gin in two steps: pouring and sipping.

The inspiration

The Inspiration is a fresh cocktail inspired by romeo’s gin botanicals : cucumber, lemon, dill, almond and lavender.

Vivid Sun at Noon

Vivid Sun at Noon is an easy cocktail featuring lemon, a romeo’s gin botanical.

Crispy Field

Crispy Field is an easy cocktail featuring cucumber, a romeo’s gin botanical.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Fresh and herbaceous cocktail, ideal to discover all the subtleties of dill!


A spin on a traditional Old Fashioned cocktail, with gin, for you to appreciate the aromas of juniper.

Perfumed Dreamy Night

Perfumed Dreamy Night is an easy cocktail featuring lavender, a romeo’s gin botanical.


Gourmet cocktail that will make you travel to sun destinations.

Want to recreate these non-conformist cocktails at home?
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romeo’s gin
at Yorkville Murals!

September 24-26, 2021 Toronto

romeo’s gin is proud to be once again a sponsor of Yorkville Murals and to take part with brand activations such as romeo’s world, where our ready-to-drink gin + tonic will be served and romeo’s gallery, a collective exhibition highlighting 3 artists that designed our iconic gin editions in an immersive experience where gin and art meet.

Visit Yorkville Murals’s website for more information