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romeo’s gin X’s 7 signature cocktails

More than just another pink gin, romeo’s gin X explores the powerful symbolisms of the “X”, commonly used by Miss Me in her work. It offers a strong contrast between harmony and opposition, which perfectly reflects the collaboration between romeo’s gin and Miss Me. romeo's gin X is a fruity gin, perfectly balanced and deliciously refreshing. The romeo's gin X signature cocktails are as gourmet as they are potent, and showcase the beloved watermelon aroma.

romeo's gin X and Tonic
- Perfect serve

The perfect way to highlight romeo’s gin X’s subtle and fresh watermelon flavour : mix it with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic and add a grapefruit peel. This easy and delicious cocktail is the perfect way to mix your romeo’s gin X.


The Do You Miss Me cocktail combines the fresh and fruity flavours of romeo’s gin X with smoky and spicy notes from mezcal.

sour x basil

A really easy cocktail to recreate at home with  romeo’s gin X, based on the classic Gin Sour cocktail, with fresh flavours of lemon, basil and watermelon!!

collins x vanilla

A lightly fruity and vanilla cocktail. The call of summer in a Collins glass!

bee's knees X blueberry

Delicious blueberries, fresh lemon juice and golden honey make Bee’s Knees X a colourful cocktail!

eastside X

Who said the grass was always greener on the other side of the fence? This romeo’s gin X cocktail will make you change your mind!

cosmopolitan X

Cosmopolitan X, is based on the classic Cosmopolitan cocktail but with a delicious watermelon gin twist!

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