Cocktail recipes

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romeo’s gin V tonic – signature cocktail

The signature cocktail, the perfect serve of romeo’s gin V: the romeo’s gin V tonic. Very easy to execute and simply delicious. A surprisingly fresh lime, honeydew and green grape flavored gin. A light and refreshing cucumber tonic. A peppery finish brought by fresh basil. The ideal gin and tonic to enjoy all the subtleties of romeo’s gin V.

Presqu’à Cuba

The cocktail Presqu’à Cuba, in collaboration with Cheaper Vacations, will make you want to fly to Cuba with its tropical aromas inspired from a mojito.

Mango Canal

Mango Canal is a refreshing cocktail made with romeo’s gin.

romeo's gin Emerald Fizz Cocktail

Emerald Fizz

Emerald Fizz is an elevated gin & tonic with romeo’s gin created by Keegan McGregor from Highwayman in Halifax.

romeo's gin Mellow Yellow Cocktail

Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow is a cocktail with romeo’s gin and mustard created by Marika Bouchard from Dear Friend Bar in Halifax.

romeo's gin The Foxy Cocktail

The Foxy

The Foxy is a cocktail with romeo’s gin and golden milk created by Matt Dash from Cut Steakhouse in Halifax.

romeosgin x girly drink this is not a test

This Is Not A Test!

Here is the interpretation of the girly drink by Shannon-Blue Nanibush, from Ottawa. This Is Not A Test! is a tangy cocktail featuring romeo’s gin X, Aperol and black peppercorn syrup amongst other delicious ingredients.

romeosgin x girly drink not his old fashioned

Not His Old Fashioned

Here is the interpretation of the girly drink by Evita Mitura from Vancouver. Not His Old Fashioned is a pink and fruity cocktail featuring romeo’s gin X and a hibiscus and pink peppercorn syrup, amongst other delicious ingredients.

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