Cocktail recipes

Flavor: Bitter

Belle Poire

Discover a mineral and dry cocktail with pear liqueur, super easy to make and simply delectable!

Garde la pêche

A peach gin tonic, made with romeo’s gin and Peach Schnapps, for a lightly more fruity and sweeter version of the classic gin tonic.

romeo's gin Emerald Fizz Cocktail

Emerald Fizz

Emerald Fizz is an elevated gin & tonic with romeo’s gin created by Keegan McGregor from Highwayman in Halifax.

romeosgin x girly drink black oleander

Black Oleander

Here is the interpretation of the girly drink by Sandy de Almeida from Toronto. Black Oleander is a fresh cocktail featuring romeo’s gin X, and Averna amaro amongst other delicious ingredients.

Peppery-Pep is an easy cocktail featuring the juniper, one of romeo's gin botanicals


A spin on a traditional Old Fashioned cocktail, with gin, for you to appreciate the aromas of juniper.

Midnight Negroni - a romeo's gin cocktail for the holidays with candied ginger

Midnight Negroni

The Midnight Negroni is a romeo’s gin Holidays twist on a classic negroni recipe!

romeo's gin dandurand cocktail GIN SOUR

Gin Sour

Gin Sour is romeo’s gin cocktail created by Bailey Allison from Dandurand Ontario sale team.

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