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Buying romeo's gin

Find romeo’s gin through multiple points of sale as well as online. Visit the next page for more details.


Nicolas Duvernois and Karolyne Auger-Duvernois. They launched their first product Pur Vodka in 2006 and then launched romeo’s gin in 2015.

Although the administrative offices are in Montreal’s Mile End, romeo’s gin production is done on Montreal’s South Shore.

romeo’s gin, like Pur Vodka and Choco Crème, is a brand of Duvernois Creative Spirits.

To this day, 8 different editions of romeo’s gin have been marketed, including 7 numbered and 1 special edition (SAQ 100 years). Some of our editions were limited editions, which is why they are no longer available. Discover all the details of these editions via the following page.

How to drink

romeo’s gin is a canvas for creativity. That being said, the simplest way to enjoy it is in a gin and tonic, with an elderflower tonic, ice and a sprig of fresh dill. Discover our signature recipe via the following page.

Find all the recipes with romeo’s gin via our cocktail menu.


romeo’s gin is made from 6 botanicals (juniper berries (Croatia), cucumber (USA), dill (USA), lavender (Bulgaria), almond (USA), lemon (Mexico) individually steam distilled and then blended with a neutral grain brandy (corn, Ontario and Quebec), followed by a reduction with private spring water (Quebec).

Allergens, contained in proteins, do not exist after the distillation. romeo’s gin therefore contains no allergens.

100% gluten free.

Art of gin

romeo’s gin is the art of gin. The brand’s mission is to bring art where you don’t expect it, to democratize urban art and its actors. To learn more, visit the #ARTOFGIN page

The romeo’s Museum, the first urban art museum in Canada, is located in Montreal’s Mile End. It features 24 artworks on interior murals by 24 Montreal artists. Access is free and the museum is open 24/7.

Artistic curation is ensured by Nicolas Duvernois, CEO, and Stéphane Rochefort, Executive Vice-President. However, we are always very receptive and happy to discover new artists!

Gin knowledge

There are several ways to produce gin. However, all variants include the presence of juniper berries.

Gin is the brother of vodka. Both traditionally share the same base, a neutral grain-based alcohol.

Gin has a very long shelf life. romeo’s gin was launched in 2015 and the first bottles taste as sparkling as ever!


Don’t hesitate to contact us, it’s always a pleasure to talk to our customers!

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