Pat Cantin

Montreal, 2021

This year, the SAQ is celebrating its 100th anniversary and for the occasion, we are launching a limited edition (Hors Série) of romeo’s gin, signed by Montreal artist Pat Cantin. The artwork is an abstract re-interpretation of the imagery of the Inspire loyalty program, which has marked and continues to mark the contemporary and current history of the SAQ. If it is important to know where we come from, it is also important to know where we are going, which is why the tribute to the SAQ contains an element of its current existence.

About Pat Cantin

In Pat Cantin’s work, the idea of painting comes first from a composition and a color. Composition, especially for his abstract works, is often the sum of ideas accumulated over time. “I don’t take notes. The shapes, the moods, the colors, the contrasts are superimposed in my head. The material, on the other hand, often stems from previous work on the canvas. There may be several overlays at the beginning of a painting. But it is the movement of matter that determines the rest of the work, the result of which is never predetermined.”

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