Here’s the new 05 edition of romeo’s gin, in collaboration with the talented Sandra Chevrier!

Currently living and working in Montreal, Canada, Sandra Chevrier – gaze collector, idea chaser and full time single mom – produces work taking her traveling over a broad range of fluctuating emotional enigmas and concepts that have set the standard of our modern communication, exposing the limitations within our world, our self-imposed expectations and the cages we have allowed to bar us from fullness of life’s experience.

In the greater body of Chevrier’s work, the images used within the ‘cages’ range from scenes of conflict, triumph and defeat. The artist is choosing to highlight the fragility of the superhero, their own struggles and weaknesses, therefore exposing the humanity within the superhuman.

Sandra’s artwork from the series “The Cages” is called “La Cage; toi, moi et le rêve”. With this artwork, she signs the fifth limited edition of romeo’s gin. romeo’s and Sandra are two passionate art lovers, two stories out of the ordinary. In conclusion, they incarnate a unique vision, urban aesthetic, and international ambition.

As with each romeo’s gin edition, we created a cocktail inspired by the artist and her art. A twist on the Old Fashioned cocktail, the recurrent bittersweet theme in Sandra’s paintings influences the drink. It combines the tanginess of the grapefruit with aromatic bitters and the sweetness of cocktail cherries.

sandra chevrier, art, romeo's gin, edition 5
romeo's gin, edition 05, sandra chevrier
cocktail kit, edition 05, sandra chevrier, barspoon, sirop, tonic, bitter
cocktail kit, edition 05, sandra chevrier, barspoon, sirop, tonic, bitter