Montreal, 2017

”If we celebrate today the 375th anniversary of Montreal it is largely thanks to Jacques Cartier and I wanted to represent him mingling with the icons of Montreal. This is how I have juxtaposed 49 Montreal icons which in its whole offers us an anthropomorphic version of Jacques Cartier.”
– Santerre

“Since the first version of Stikki Peaches I dreamed of seeing on any bottle one of my works. The pinnacle for me was the romeo’s gin. I loved the open-mindedness they had, a local product that promotes local artists. It’s all in their honour, and today thanks to them, that I leave a mark in the history of Montreal with the 3rd edition of romeo’s gin for 375th anniversary of the city”


Santerre is a Montreal-based artist of international renown whose colourful works consist of superimposed images and ideas infused with allegories, satire and depth – works that can be simultaneously dark and light-hearted. A clever, intuitive blend of surrealism, spirituality and social insight is carefully blended into every figurative expression.


  1. Jacques Cartier
  2. St-Joseph Oratory
  3. Côte-des-Neiges Cemetery
  4. Light beams in honour of the Polytechnique victims
  5. Alouettes of Montreal
  6. Canadiens of Montreal
  7. Biodome
  8. Insectarium
  9. Planetarium
  10. Botanical garden
  11. Olympic Stadium
  12. Impact of Montreal
  13. City of Montreal logotype
  14. City of Montreal flag
  15. Habitat 67
  16. Journal de Montréal
  17. Pointe-à-Callière museum
  18. Quai de l’Horloge
  19. Jacques-Cartier bridge
  20. Youppi
  21. Five Roses Flour sign
  22. La Ronde
  23. F1 Grand Prix of Montreal
  24. Downtown
  25. Griffintown
  26. Verdun
  27. Expos
  28. Igloofest
  29. Montreal Port
  30. Montreal Transit
  31. Science Center
  32. Just for Laughs
  33. Jazz Festival
  34. Giant Milk Pint
  35. The Fireworks
  36. «L’Homme», sculpture by Alexander Calder
  37. The Biosphere
  38. Orange traffic cones
  39. Maisonneuve Monument
  40. Notre-Dame Basilica
  41. STM (Metro and bus)
  42. Monument for sir George-Étienne Cartier
  43. Fall on the Mount Royal
  44. The Mount Royal cross
  45. Gibeau Orange Julep
  46. YUL Montreal Aairport
  47. Chinatown
  48. The Village
  49. Bagels
  50. Soso (a friend, represented by a yellow point)
santerre, lancement, bouteille, edition 03
lancement, eric santerre, romeo's gin, edition 03
lancement, eric santerre, romeo's gin, edition 03, cocktail
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