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3 romeo's gin cocktails that will make you want to go on a trip with Cheaper Vacations

In partnership with Cheaper Vacations, we offer you romeo's gin cocktail creations inspired by Cheaper Vacations' sun destinations. Close your eyes, take a sip and imagine yourself on the beach! Or better yet, go to the website of Cheaper Vacations and book a trip, cocktail in hand! Aloha!

Morning coffee

A very fruity cocktail with pineapple, orange and orange sweet pepper juice, with a touch of sweetness thanks to the coconut syrup! Everything is allowed on vacation, why not swap your coffee for the Morning Coffee while admiring the wonderful landscapes of Jamaica?

Coupe de soleil

After a day at the beach and in the sun of the Dominican Republic, we can imagine ourselves drinking this cocktail on our hotel balcony for happy hour. With the strawberries, basil and apple must, this cocktail Coupe de soleil will give you a little bit of freshness (you will probably need it with your sunburn!)

Presqu’à Cuba

One sip of this cocktail and you immediately feel like you are in Cuba! Let’s just say that with its guava and mint aromas, the Presqu’à Cuba cocktail really makes you want to dance to the Latin music of Cuba! And 1, 2, 3, 4, here we go!

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