Mezcal Martini

La Joconde

La Joconde is a romeo's gin cocktail created by Kate Boushel from ACC / Fugazzi / Milky Way, inspired by the art of Stikki Peaches at romeo's Museum.

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Inspiration for La Joconde cocktail : Stikki Peaches takes classic artworks and reinvents them with a punk twist. That’s what I wanted to do with this martini, a classic cocktail with gin and vermouth, but revisited with the mezcal, which gives it the punk touch. The glass, first rinsed with a blend of St-Germain and rose water, represents the softer, more traditional tattoos that Stikki Peaches’ Mona Lisa is sporting while drops of habanero oil, basil and squid ink oil represent the livelier colors and the more brutal and temperamental side of the work.

(This cocktail was created by Jérémy Bourgeois (bar manager of Milky Way cocktail bar)

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Top 3 of Kate Boushel’s favorite gin cocktails :  French 75, Wet Martini grapefruit bitters (and grapefruit zest), Gimlet


  • 2 oz of romeo’s gin
  • ¼ oz of mezcal
  • ½ oz of dry vermouth, Martini
  • Blend of one part rose water for 4 parts of elderberry liqueur, St-Germain
  • Garnish: habanero oil, basil oil, squid ink oil


  • Mixing glass
  • Glass dropper
  • Atomizer
  • Ice cubes
  • Cocktail coupe


  • Rinse the glass by atomizing the blend of rose water and elderberry liqueur on the glass
  • Mix the ingredients and the ice cubes in the mixing glass with the bar spoon
  • Pour the preparation in the glass
  • Carefully pour a few drops of each oil on top of the cocktail

Inspired by

LA Joconde – romeo’s museum

By Stikki Peaches

Discover La Joconde, Stikki Peaches’ art at romeo’s museum!

Discover La Joconde, Stikki Peaches' art at romeo's museum!
Meet Kate Boushel, a mixologist from Atwater Cocktail Club, Fugazzi and the Milky Way in Montreal. Discover her cocktail creations with romeo's gin!

Kate Boushel

Meet Kate Boushel a mixologist from the Atwater Cocktail Club, Fugazzi and the Milky Way in Montreal. Discover her cocktail creations with romeo’s gin!

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romeo’s gin

A spirit curated for the non-conformists. A blend of juniper, cucumber, dill, lavender, almond and lemon. Discover cocktail creations with this spirit.

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