Edition 03 : Santerre Cocktail

Édition 03 : Santerre is a romeo's gin cocktail created by romeo's gin team made with carrot and ginger.
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Inspired from the 03 edition of romeo’s gin, featuring the artwork Cartier by Santerre.

With every edition of romeo’s gin, we get inspired by the artist, their personality and their art to create a cocktail. For this third edition, we got inspired by the unusual style of Santerre to create a unique blend of sweet, sour and spicy flavours of ginger, carrot and chili pepper, and bold bursts of colour!


  • 2 oz of romeo’s gin 
  • 2 oz of ginger beer, Fever Tree
  • ½ oz of fresh lemon juice
  • ½ oz of simple syrup
  • ⅓ oz of carrot juice
  • 1 drop of hot sauce, Firebarns
  • 1 hot sauce flavored jelly candy, or 1 chili pepper


  • Highball glass
  • Bar Spoon
  • Ice cubes


  • Fill a highball glass with ice
  • Combine in the glass, the gin, the lemon juice, the carrot juice, the ginger beer, the simple syrup and the hot sauce.
  • Stir gently with a bar spoon
  • Garnish with the hot chili candy or the chili pepper.

Inspired by


By Santerre

Discover Cartier, the art of Santerre in Montreal.

santerre, art, romeo's gin, edition 3
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