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Toronto's largest mural has just been unveiled and you'll never guess where it is!

Commissioned by romeo's gin as part of Yorkville Murals, and brought to life by internationally acclaimed artist birdO, you can now stroll through a 15,000+ square foot mural located at 148 Cumberland St., on the top floor of the CitiPark Cumberland Parkade, and admire this unusual and colorful masterpiece!

Since its launch in Quebec 5 years ago, romeo’s gin has pursued the mission of democratizing urban art, first through its different editions showcasing Canadian urban artists, but also through many other creative initiatives, such as romeo’s museum, the very first urban art museum in Canada. 
Aligned with the brand’s release at the LCBO came the project of partnering with Toronto-based artist birdO with the goal of bringing art where you don’t expect it. 
Produced with the help of Yorkville Murals, whose festival took place last weekend, C-Horse, this larger-than-life horizontal work of art, and now Toronto’s largest and most unexpected mural, is part of Yorkville Murals’ mission to position Yorkville as the Mecca of urban art in Canada.

"It is after 2 years of work and collaboration with artist birdO and Yorkville Murals that we finally achieved this grandiose mural, the largest and most unexpected in Toronto. C-Horse, this unique mural is for us a gift, a legacy we wanted to leave in Toronto, but also a way to celebrate and officialize the arrival of romeo's gin in Ontario!”

– Stéphane Rochefort, Executive Vice-President of Duvernois, Creative Spirits

“I think artists are too often faced with limitations in their practice. Our collective imagination has the power to impact positive change and inspire infinitely. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with partners that look to nurture big, out of the box thinking. Bloor-Yorkville, romeo’s gin, and Yorkville Murals were more than happy to join me on this ambitious journey and my hope is that for every young artist out there setting unimaginable goals, they are met with the same level of support and understanding in Toronto and beyond.”

 – Jerry Rugg aka birdO

“For us, this mural is a sign of hope and a testament that we, as a community in Toronto, deeply value public art and creativity," says Alan Ganev, director, Yorkville Murals and Taglialatella Galleries. "Now more than ever, we need to be inventive, bold and allow our minds to dream big. I am grateful to have the festival and gallery as a platform to affect change and I invite everyone in the cultural sector to join us as we beautify our neighbourhoods and dare to make a difference."

– Alan Ganev, Director, Yorkville Murals and Toronto Taglialatella Galleries

The mural is now accessible at 148, cumberland st. on the top floor of the Citipark Cumberland Parkade.
We dare you to find the best place to see it at its fullest!

Art is everywhere.
Art is in Yorkville.
Art is at 148, Cumberland St., Toronto.

About birdO

Jerry Rugg aka birdO is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. While his surreal geometric animals can be found on canvas, in digital print, and installation, birdO is primarily known for his large-scale mural work on walls and buildings around the world. Jerry’s long passion for the arts, his storied experience working in film, and the skills acquired as an award winning graphic designer, have all contributed to his approach, which focuses on an acute awareness of the surface and studious preparation with regard to local culture and surroundings.

About Yorkville Murals

Toronto’s Yorkville Murals is an annual three-day cultural event that celebrates contemporary muralism and public art. Through the creation of artistic murals inside the courtyard of 99 Yorkville Ave, and the implementation of cultural activations such as artist installations and movie screenings, this project focuses on making Yorkville a landmark in Toronto for contemporary muralism and an ultimate tourist destination.

For more information, follow @yorkvillemurals or visit
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