5 cocktail recipes for Halloween

To launch our new cocktail menu available online, on the romeo's gin website, what better than 5 perfect recipes to celebrate Halloween the way it should be! Treats, pumpkin glasses, decorative spiders... get creative!

A cocktail made with romeo’s gin, mezcal and pineapple juice, inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins song. To be served in a glass or a mini pumpkin!

The Thing is a cocktail inspired by the Spritz, with romeo’s gin, Spritz les Îles aperitivo and grapefruit juice. Add worm gummies for your sweet tooth!

Sweet and sour, with peaches, grenadine and Pop Rocks candy this colored and sparkling cocktail is a true work of art!

TL;DR is a cocktail created by Rose Simard of 1 or 2 cocktails inspired by the art of Cyndie Belhumeur at the romeo’s museum. A cocktail that literally overflows the glass with its brightness and flavors!

The Do You Miss Me cocktail combines the fresh and fruity flavors of romeo’s gin X with smoky and spicy notes from mezcal, Ancho Reyes liqueur and lime.

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