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Discover Dreamcatcher, the art of Heidi Taillefer at romeo's museum!

Dreamcatcher – romeo’s museum

Discover Dreamcatcher, the mural art of Heidi Taillefer at romeo’s museum! A bird pretending to feed its young, which is a symbol of the unattainable dream, always barely out of reach. This represents the phenomenon of anticipation of a prospect being greater thanthe actual realization of that prospect, where the object of desire is often destroyed upon attainment of that desire.

Discover Keep Pushing, MEKA's art at romeo's museum!

Keep Pushing – romeo’s museum

Discover Keep Pushing, MEKA’s art at romeo’s museum! Never forget how far you’ve come. Everything you have gotten through. All the times you have pushed on even when you felt you couldn’t. All the mornings you got out of bed no matter how hard it was. All the times you wanted to give up but you fought through another day. Never forget much strength you have learned and developed.

Discover Outre Mer, Bryan Beyung's mural art at romeo's museum!

Outre-Mer – romeo’s museum

Discover Outre-Mer, a mural artwork by Bryan Beyung at romeo’s museum! It is an abstract work inspired by overseas travel.

Discover Maple Love, Whatisadam's art at romeo's museum!

Maple Love – romeo’s museum

Discover Maple Love, mural art by Whatisadam at romeo’s museum! This mural is a comical exaggeration of the love for Maple Syrup in Montreal. The ‘Sizzurp’ label is a pop culture reference, and the graffiti background continues to add to the contemporary references in the work.

Discover Genièvre en Vol, Melissa del Pinto's art at romeo's museum!

Genièvre en Vol – romeo’s museum

Discover Genièvre en Vol, a mural artwork by Melissa del Pinto at romeo’s museum! My intention in choosing this particular bird is for the viewer to feel as fearless as he is known to be. The Magpie, represents someone who will often be on the front lines of any endeavor or task. They are go- getters and often fearless in the face of adversity.

Discover Morning Coffee, a mural artwork by Eberhard Froehlich at romeo's museum!

Morning coffee – romeo’S museum

Discover Morning Coffee, a mural artwork by Eberhard Froehlich at romeo’s museum! Although we can see people’s clothes, bodies, and movements, we cannot see what they are thinking. Even when we talk to each other, only a small part of our thoughts is ever transmitted; the rest remains in a private space, silent, invisible, free. When we pass another person in the corridor, that silence and that freedom travels with the person.

Discover Le Transit, Fonki's art at romeo's museum!

Le Transit – romeo’s museum

Discover Le Transit, mural artwork by FONKi at romeo’s museum! Transit is an influence and fusion between graffiti and ancestral Kbach style found in the thousand- year-old temple temples of Angkor in Cambodia. The work aims to be a visual and meditative break in the FONKi universe.

Discover Brocarts, mural artwork by Annie Hamel at romeo's museum!


Discover Brocarts, mural artwork by Annie Hamel at romeo’s museum! This work deals with the world of girls and preteens: in a setting created from scratch, it gives a childan aura of icon and raises questions about the predetermined expression of genres, images adopted by young girls and their relationship to aesthetic constraints or freely chosen.

Discover La Mutation, mural art of Rafael Sottolichio at romeo's museum!

La Mutation – romeo’s museum

Discover La Mutation, a mural artwork by Rafael Sottolichio at romeo’s museum! The Empire State Building is an image of the financial empire. It is presented in a process of mutation. This mural explores the replacement of colonial empires by a form of financial imperialism in which trade and profit reign and which promotes an ideology with no social project and without the promise of a better tomorrow.

Discover You Can't Escape Yourself, the mural art of PONY at romeo's museum!

You can’t escape yourself – romeo’s museum

Discover You Can’t Escape Yourself, the mural art of PONY at romeo’s museum! You can get away from many things in life, but you can’t escape yourself. So might as well make peace with your beautifully complicated and imperfect self.

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