5 romeo's gin cocktail creations with Dandurand

Four members of the Dandurand team, our distribution and representation agency, were challenged to create cocktail creations including romeo's gin. Here are their creations, and as a bonus, we included the perfect serve with romeo's gin!

Fresh and zesty with a savoury twist. Where the classic Gimlet meets two of our favourite fruits & vegetables: cucumber and celery.

Revisiting the original Gin Sour with a neat bitter kick and a dreamy foam. You may substitute the egg white with vegan foamer.

An intrepid mix of tropical and earthy flavours, this roasted pineapple fantasy is the perfect cocktail to escape long cold winter evenings.

A surprising, bold and fresh cocktail. If the colour green had a taste, this is what it would be !

The absolute perfect way to enjoy romeo’s gin in two steps: pouring and sipping.