5 Cocktails ideas & playlist ‘’Just like in the South’’

Let’s say it : a small week in the south to start this year right would not have done any harm! But because we can’t go anywhere for now because of you know what…#covid19, we decided to bring the South to you with a few cocktail ideas that will warm your hearts with tropical flavors and exotic looks. To top it all off, we've also concocted a brand new romeo's gin ''Easy Breezy'' playlist. Get your flower necklaces, your shakers and your speakers on, it's Cayo Coco at home this weekend!

The perfect cocktail to celebrate in a tropical way! Pineapple, clementine, lime juice, maple syrup… as if we were under the palm trees!

Inspired by the classic Eastside, here’s a cocktail with romeo’s gin X, lime juice, mint and cucumber. An easy to make at home recipe and simply delectable!

A cocktail with festive colors and aromas inspiring conviviality. Coconut lovers? We show you how to make a coconut syrup that is super easy to make at home!

A cocktail with carrot and ginger. Comforting and tasty flavors, on top of being healthy, perfect for your “caliente” evenings!

Recreate a classic gin & tonic, with slices of cantaloupe and arugula! In addition to being light in sugar and calories, you will only need 4 ingredients!

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