5 Cocktail Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Oh Valentine’s day, this day dedicated to love... Whether we love it or not, in every case, we want to spoil or to be spoiled, be comforted and treat ourselves. That's why we offer you 5 original and tasteful cocktail ideas under the theme of love!

A revisited Old Fashioned with a touch of grapefruit! It will surely satisfy your taste buds.

A lemon and floral cocktail: perfect for a Valentine’s Day aperitif and to show off your bartender skills.

A perfect balance between sweet and sour! It’s also a good opportunity to try the Quebec raspberry liqueur from Maison Sivo!

A classic cocktail inspired by Vesper, with our two spirits, Pur Vodka and romeo’s gin, and a light vegetal and floral touch of cucumber and lavender.

Sotto Lichio is a light and refreshing dessert cocktail inspired by granita. It is made with romeo’s gin, sorbet and mint.

For those who want it simple, there is always the idea of romeo’s gin + tonic ready-to-drink, under the theme of love with the work of Bursting of love by TAVA.

romeo’s gin
at Yorkville Murals!

September 24-26, 2021 Toronto

romeo’s gin is proud to be once again a sponsor of Yorkville Murals and to take part with brand activations such as romeo’s world, where our ready-to-drink gin + tonic will be served and romeo’s gallery, a collective exhibition highlighting 3 artists that designed our iconic gin editions in an immersive experience where gin and art meet.

Visit Yorkville Murals’s website for more information