3 cocktails inspired by romeo's gin V

This lime, honeydew melon and green grape flavored gin, with its taste loaded with citrus and racy, fruity notes, has inspired us to make some wild and visionary cocktails. romeo's gin V's signature cocktail, very easy to execute, is a gin and tonic, and we invite you to discover the other cocktails, which are high-flying creations, just as sick as Fvckrender's artwork featured on the bottle!

romeo’s gin V tonic - signature cocktail

The signature cocktail, the perfect serve of romeo’s gin V: the romeo’s gin V tonic. Very easy to execute and simply delicious. A surprisingly fresh lime, honeydew and green grape flavored gin. A light and refreshing cucumber tonic. A peppery finish brought by fresh basil. The ideal gin and tonic to enjoy all the subtleties of romeo’s gin V.

Meet me in the Metaverse

A cocktail for the (very) motivated at-home bartender. Meet me in the Metaverse will surely transcend your palate with a culinary trip to another universe. Bright, complex, and multi-faceted, this libation requires some funky ingredients and a bit of willpower to execute. Impress your guests by flaunting your bartending skills and pairing this fabulous cocktail with sushi, Izakaya style grills or Indian cuisine.


Meet the fragrant brother of the classic Gimlet: the OBLIQUE cocktail. We named this cocktail the OBLIQUE due to its complex flavours which are neither parallel nor at a straight angle. romeo’s gin V will shine right through this cocktail which is supported by ingredients complementary to its flavour profile: lime for lime, honey for honeydew and shiso to liven up the green grapes, releasing the distinct smell of a mountain meadow after a rainstorm. Created for the intermediate at-home bartender, you will need a bit of planning to execute this drink; but when you do, be sure to tag us so we can celebrate your achievement! #artofgin

Want to recreate these non-conformist cocktails at home?
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