Girly Drinks is an initiative by romeo's gin X highlighting 10 Canadian women bartenders


Duality, protest, non-conformism, all symbols at the heart of the Quebec artist Miss Me's work, but also very present in the co-creation between her and romeo's gin: romeo’s gin X, the anti-pink gin.

For the International Women’s Day, we want to highlight 10 amazing Canadian women bartenders for whom these concepts are commonplace. We asked them to show us their vision on the #girlydrinks and to tell us their stories as women in the industry, without censorship. Pink but not what you think.

Discover their stories in this interview

10 non-conformist cocktails were created by 10 women bartenders for this initiative around the International Women’s Day. Their take on #girlydrinks in 10 meaningful, creative and decadent cocktails, that can be enjoyed by both men and women.

by Anna Levy

“Drinks are for people to enjoy and we don’t need to assign gender roles to that.”

by Lori Chiaradia

“If, in 2021, you still think sugary and fruity cocktails when you hear ‘girly drink’ and you associate them to women, I just don’t know what to tell you.”

by Adaina Smyth

“I tend to have an issue when people label things as “girly drinks”. Women get complimented and praised for drinking scotch and Old Fashioned because they’re strong, versus men get teased when drinking something pink out of a stem glass, therefore it must be weak.”

by Evita Mitura

“I think it’s easier for women to get into the industry, but I think it’s harder for us to make it to the top.”

by Laurence Deshaies

“For a woman to become a bartender, it takes the same criteria as a man. But, the man will be taken seriously very quickly, whereas the woman will have to prove herself and take off her barmaid.”

by Chantelle Gabino

“If you’re not prioritizing the voices of women, non binary or trans folks, then you’re not supporting us. And if you don’t think that there are gender inequities in the work space, then you’re not paying attention and you’re a part of the problem.”

by Katie Ingram

“Well folks, drinks don’t have gender, so let us help you by making you a drink that you’ll want to drink with romeo’s gin!”

by Shannon-Blue Nanibush

“Definitely harder to be a female in this industry. Women work twice as hard to make a name out there and to take some space.”

by Quinn Taylor

“You know like art, all our tastes are subjective. As the rigid binary notions of gender become more fluid and expend, I think we need to revisit this and really celebrate all our differences in our tastes.”

by Sandy de Almeida

“The term girly drink is an antiquated way to devalue women’s taste, their pleasures, their experience.”

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