Lancement romeo’s gin 03 : Santerre

Launch of the 03 edition of romeo’s gin

A romeo’s gin 03 edition media launch with a Montreal theme

E.A.T restaurant of the W Montreal hotel has been transformed into an artful construction zone for an evening! The romeo’s gin team invited friends, clients and partners to celebrate the launch of romeo’s gin 03 edition, a special creation for Montreal’s 375th anniversary. The edition 03 bottles feature the artwork Cartier by Santerre, a tribute to Montreal through the 50 emblematic elements of the city that can be found on the bottle.

The art direction of the event was also celebrating Montreal. The orange cone, an ubiquitous but almost charming element of the city’s urban landscape, inspired the cocktail creation and the pop-up installations.

Nicolas Duvernois, founder and CEO of romeo’s gin, and Stephane Rochefort, VP Business Development, announced some big news for romeo’s gin during the upcoming year. The end of 2017 marks the start of a Canada-wide distribution by Philippe Dandurand Wines, as a part of their new spirits section. romeo’s gin will also be available in Paris at Colette and in London at Selfridges starting from this fall. More than ever, long lives art, long lives the gin!

The third face of romeo’s

This 03 edition is the third element of the many faces of romeo’s, which evolves through its limited editions. The three editions were featured during the evening in the shape of culinary art works, and cocktails inspired from the three editions were being served.

romeo’s + Tonic

inspired by romeo’s gin 01
signed by Stikki Peaches

romeo’s gin
+ Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic
+ Dried lavender
+ Fresh dill

Five Roses

inspired by romeo’s gin 02
signed by Marc Gosselin

romeo’s gin
+ Spritz Syrup by 3/4 oz Tonics
+ soda
+ rhubarb
+ pink peppercorns

Orange cone

inspired by romeo’s gin 03
signed by Santerre

romeo’s gin
+ 1642 Ginger soda
+ Carrot juice
+ Lemon juice
+ Firebarns hot sauce

An inspiring collaboration

Close partners in their initiative of promoting urban art and the creativity of Montreal on an international level, W Montreal and romeo’s gin work together on several projects since the launch of the first edition of romeo’s gin in May 2016.

Être Avec Toi (Ê.A.T) is a new transitional restaurant situated on the W Montréal’s entrance level. “To Be With You” is an energetic, art-filled dining room that’s warm, inviting and casually sophisticated. Whether you’re enjoying a vernissage, late dinner or lengthy meal, dining at ê.a.t. can be an evening’s main social event.

The concept of the orange cone, which is also one of the elements composing the Cartier artwork, is featured in temporary artistic installations, orange cones decorated by Santerre, a cocktail with the same name, clothing and actual traffic cones used as decoration (offered by the ville-marie neighbourhood!)

Photo credit : Caroline Dostie Photographe
Venue and bites : E.A.T. au W Montréal
Video : MJ Studio